Be a part of "The MoveMint"

Welcome to our world of shameless grassroots marketing and promotion!

The MoveMint is looking for enthusiastic and outgoing individuals to be a part of our Street Team in Kuala Lumpur and across the Klang Valley. Being a part of the team is more than just hustling albums and mixtapes, it’s like being a part of a family. Whether you’re a fan or are looking for a way to get involved in your local scene just remember that we are in this to help build the community and become self-sustaining.

Do you want to make money? Something on the side that wont take up too much time? The way The MoveMint Street Team works is we share everything equally, that way we all benefit from the hard work we put in.

Here’s how it works… When we press a batch of CDs, and supply you with a certain amount (5-10 to start), then all YOU need to do is sell the CD’s. After deducting the base cost per CD the profits are shared equally. We are not a greedy, money hungry company looking to exploit our workers and consumers with low pay and high prices, we believe in community building to create a strong foundation so that we all profit.

There are more benefits than just earning cold hard cash everyday. You will receive exclusive merchandise, get behind the scenes at concerts and event, and have a chance to win prizes if you are our top seller.

Do you have what it takes? Send us an email and become a part of the team!

Jai Son (KL)

We are on Facebook!
The MoveMint Facebook Page


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