TYGS Final

A big shout out and thank you to all the good people who came through our final installment of TYGS last Friday at Cloth & Clef!!!

All the emcees came through and upped the ante with some entertaining lyrics and it was definitely one of the best TYGS events of all time!!!

Respects to our first TYGS Tournament winner – KRAFT and our runner-up Jin Hackman!!!

We will be taking a break for a few months, but be prepared for when we come back it will be in full effect!!!

Here’s a rundown of all our past winners and the groups who have performed on stage, thanks to all of you, because without your support this event would never have made it as far as we have!!!

Past winners:

August (pt1) – Jin Hackman
September (pt2) – Kraft
October (pt3) – Tact
November (pt4) – 7Sea2
December (pt5) – Dice
January (pt6) – Kraft
February (Tournament Rd1) – Dugod
March (Tournament Rd2) – Kraft
April (Tournament FINAL) – Kraft

Artists who have performed at TYGS:

Chididi, Young Stunna, Diplomats International Ft. Ras Muhamad, Kraft, PsychoMantra, Samir, Dugod, Dose Two, Micah, Jin Hackman as well as our usual suspects Illsteez & The Stoned Revivals plus much thanks to our guests DJ Chelsea, DJ YellowFeva, Shamik, E and everyone else who made the event what it is!!! Thank you all!!!

If anything just email us – themovemint@gmail.com

Peace and see you all soon!!!


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