The Beat Meet – Online Submissions ready

A message to all producers, The Online segment of the The Beat Meet Battle is ready to go!!!

Sign up at Reigning Beats * (beta code “jamo”)

– create an account and upload your best original beat and remix beat for the battle..

There are 2 elements to the The Beat Meet battle:

1 – Is one (1) original beat. Make it your best one! 2 – a remix.. we are providing the sample mp3.

download link hereSample This!

The Remix element of the competition is for each producer to create a beat using any elements from the sample mp3. Then upload it to the reigning beats Beat Meet Battle!

Don’t forget to include your name and contact on your reigning beats profile and do let us know if you can attend the event.

The Top 8 Producers selected from online voting and our Beat Meet judges will be announced at our Live event:

The Top 8 will be judged live. Our panel of judges will be asking one question each and playing the beats for the crowd reaction and emcee “rock to it” vibe.


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