Ladies First – July 31st @ Cloth & Clef


July 31st 2009
Cloth & Clef
Entry = RM20 (inclusive of 1st drink)

Proceeds from this event will go to helping Women’s Aid Organization and the work they do in the community here in KL.

Featured Artisits:

Prema Yin (KL)

Prema Yin has been singing since she was in primary school. She took part in the National level singing competition organized by NTV 7, Who Will Win Malaysian Topstar and emerged as the winner in 2005 and she even had the chance to perform with Colbie Caillat, known for her hit song, “Bubbly”. Now, after 5 years of her venturing into the music scene, she has finally decided to record her own songs which she hopes to share with music lovers.

Inch Chua (SG)

You might know her from the popular upbeat alternative rock act Allura. Frontwoman Inch Chua steps out on her own to share a different beat. Inch’s solo project is a clear departure from the boisterous rock singer she is known as. What remain unmistakable are the pint-sized singer’s trademark powerhouse vocals. So expect her to play some arpeggios on her acoustic guitar before laying down some looped instrumentation to create live electronic music. She’s currently working on her solo release The Bedroom.

Ira & Echa (KL)

Ira returns this July with a Laguna Records and Digi collaboration for the single ‘Don’t Wanna Wait’ which will be part of ‘Her…Compilation’ which features ‘up and coming’ local female artists. Collaborating with Echa, a new undiscovered vocalist, this dynamic duo will burn up the airwaves with their brand of sultry and sassy soul.

Kayda (KL)

The youngest female rapper in town, Kayda started rapping at the age of 10. She recorded her first demo when she was 14. In 2006, Kayda was featured on the song “Kisah Rumahtangga” with her mother, Sheila Majid, on the album Legenda XVXX. Later in 2007, Kayda opened for Sheila Majid at the Sunrise Jazz Festival. Kayda is also a member of Flow Familia, together with Dose Two, and Hunny Madu.

Dewi Sulastri (SG)

For Dewi Ernie Sulastri, 17, her passion for performing arts started early and was almost a natural thing. Following in her mother’s footsteps she began dancing and singing when she was only seven. Dewi dares to be different. She loves to dream – she grew up inspired by Patti Labelle and Madonna – and prays that she will be an international singer one day. Dewi believes passionately in helping young talent and supporting the performing arts.

Come on out and support!!!


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