Breaking Up Ft. King Lhota – Nadhira (New Music)

Hot off the presses and exclusive to The MoveMint comes a new track by Nadhira aka Irie Ira Ft King Lhota – Breaking Up. Hit us up with you comments below!


15 responses to “Breaking Up Ft. King Lhota – Nadhira (New Music)

  1. awesome! 🙂 two thumbs up!!!

  2. love it love it love it love it!!!!!

  3. Me likey!!! Dancing to this!!!

  4. One of my favourite songs beginning of 2010.

  5. Keeping it irie!!! That’s that jam rite there!! 🙂

  6. daaaaaam this is awesome
    ira ur killin’ it seriously
    avery nice song i like it so much
    keep it up ppl ;]

  7. Wow! Loving it babe! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. wow, nice work brother….
    really good

  9. ur songs are good!!keep it up:)

  10. What up Ira! What up Lhota! This is dope man!! Lovin it!

  11. Thanks for your feedbacks, Congratulation to yah Irie Ira, we promise to you our fans and friends that more gud vibes are pon the way,
    One love and happy new year
    Large up

  12. Ira this is rad, baby. Seems like we’ve come a long way from Jamming back at alex’s ha ha. As always I’m very impressed and proud with your efforts. NOW HURRY UP AND GET MEGA FAMOUS SO I CAN MOVE OVER THERE AND MOOCH OFF YOU! Keep it up chickie! Love, Dan.

  13. It’s no biggie, I absolutely had no idea i’d get positive feedback’s on this. Thank you friends. 😀
    Wouldn’t have happened without the King Lhota, big ups to him, seriously.
    Love you Dan,Saph,Saif,Lisa,Illsteez,Anastasia and StudyHard.. lol. Keep dancing!

    One <3, Ira

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