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The Crib Show – Malaysia’s Premier Online Hip Hop Radio Show

Tune in to The Crib Show every Tuesday night on from 8-10PM (+8GMT) for the latest Hip Hop music and insights from the team – Vandal, Truf, DJ Lethal Skillz & DJ Augie



#HHKMY Podcast from Cypher Sundaze



Hip Hop Karaoke Malaysia kicked off last night and we got some exclusive audio recorded LIVE by The Crib Show on Aforadio click HERE to listen or tap the logo twice..

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The CRIB Show [Podcast]

Tonight we will be having our 3rd episode of The CRIB Show on AFORadio LIVE so tune in to catch all the action or if you can’t you can always catch the repeat or the Podcast.

We’ll be having Zhariff Afandi stopping by the studio to talk about his projects, RockCorps Malaysia, The Zhariff Initiative and CRIB (he’s the co-founder!)

The CRIB Show [Online Hip Hop Radio]

We just kicked off our first ever Episode of The CRIB Show on AFOradio last week with a bang. The podcast is located below so do take a listen.
You can tune in every Tuesday night from 8-10pm (+8GMT) in Malaysia to listen LIVE
The CRIB show is brought to you by CRIB KL & AFOradio!

New Tunes – The Skool Of Two Swordz (Audio)

My man Lay Low just dropped an EP project Tha Down Low with The Skool Of Two Swordz outta Toronto, Canada.

Hit the link to get your FREE Copy

Nomadic Injections – Shamik (Audio)

We sat down (over email) with Canadian Beatboxer Shamik to talk a little about his latest release “Nomadic Injections“.. Check our interview and below is a special treat from Shamik in the form of an MP3!

1. Shamik, welcome to The Movemint. Tell us about why you chose your title to be Nomadic Injections.

For the past 3-4 years I’ve been on the move quite a bit. I felt like I was being influenced by the people and places around me every day and sometimes at a fast pace. I had several 24 or 48 hour moments where I met lovely people, played a show, and then had to move on. As a result I took in so much in every experience and gave a lot back. Every situation was like injecting someone via my music or personality…and I received a lot of ‘injections’ from people or artists I met along the way. 3 days in Beijing, to 6 days in Japan, to 2 weeks in Australia in June of last year marked the beginning of the title idea. I think I was up til 6am every day because I was meeting people, or going from a late show to an early flight without sleeping. There are definitely emotional moments that take place when you’re in transit in foreign places…and some of the songs were written because of this.

2. After visiting Malaysia several times now, what do you think about the scene here? Any highlights?

Yes I have a big love for Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. The scene is great and the support for rising talent is very strong. In Canada most of the television and radio airs commercial and mainstream music. Every time I’m in KL I notice the magazines, TV, and radio exposing a lot of the underground and up-and-coming artists. In fact I’ve seen some of the artists start off underground and become very successful a couple years later. I was also lucky to be given some exposure in the media which I am thankful for. The Hennesey Artistry series in KL was a lot of last year. The second installment brought me out to Penang which is an amazing city! I enjoyed both the shows I did in Melaka as well. In January I did a club gig at Maison, an underground hip hop battle at Cloth & Clef, and the VIMA awards at Mist…so it was great to tap into the many music scenes in KL and witness its growth first hand. I even met a few really good young beatboxers! Other than show highlights, I’ve consumed a lot of good food in Malaysia which I crave probably every other day when I’m in Canada!

3. What’s next for you? Can we expect your return to KL to promote the album?

I’m working on Asia and Australia in December. A KL date is definitely in the works but I don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet. Finishing the album feels like a huge weight off my chest and now I’m looking forward to several collaborations and side projects. See you soon…looking forward to the roti canai!

Download – Shamik – Nomadic Injections Ft. Vandal



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Hold It Down – Young Stunna (Audio)

Homie Stunna is hard at work and just passed this over so y’all can enjoy the vibes. Produced by Rimzy. Hot Noise in the building!

Download – Hold It Down – Young Stunna